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Westlake Revelations' charter is to disseminate factual information about issues. Specifically, to explain topics without stating opinions so that the citizens can deal in fact ... instead of fiction ... and then make up their own minds based on real information.

Heavy Construction on Tue, Dec 23

This coming Tue, December 23rd, LVMWD will doing a “heavy construction” day for the controversial tank project in Westlake Village. This day will have a concrete truck going in or out of Three Springs an average of once every 3.5 minutes starting at 7am (58 trucks in, and out). The trucks are expected to travel through Westlake Village, up Lindero Canyon, onto Triunfo Canyon, and into Three Springs. They will exit Three Springs onto Triunfo to Westlake Blvd through the City of Thousand Oaks side of Westlake Village.

Bethlehem Experience: It's on for Tonight, Tomorrow Night


Westminster Presbyterian Church ("WPC") is putting on the Bethlehem Experience ("BethEx"). The winds last night had done damage last night, but WPC called "all hands on deck", got things back in shape and BethEx is on tonight, and tomorrow night.

The city gates will be open to drive through between 5:00pm and 9:00pm each night. There is no charge for visiting Bethelhem. Due to the large number of visitors, carpooling is encouraged.

BethEx is a drive-through theatrical reenactment of "life in the little town of Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born."

Attendees of BethEx are encouraged to bring canned and packaged goods for Manna mission. BethEx volunteers will collect these donations on site.

Atlas V Launch a "GO" for tonight


Despite more rain on the way, according to Brian Webb of Launch Alert "Tonight's planned launch of an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg AFB appears to be on schedule for a 7:13:30 PST liftoff.” More details on the launch below (only the day/time has been updated).

Vandenberg Air Force base is 120 miles West North West of Westlake Village. Cloud cover permitting, the launch should be easily visible.

Local Road Closures due to Rain

LA County Sheriff has released the following information about local road closures…

Due to the rain, the following road closures or traffic hazards should be noted:

PCH is closed at Yerba Buena in both directions due to a mudslide. Although the affected area is within Ventura County limits, the closure will effect commuters from LA County as well.

Westlake Blvd is closed at Mulholland Hwy due to a mud slide and low hanging power lines.

Old Westlake Hospital Property Sells to Locals


The property that held the former Westlake Hospital property has been sold to the owners of Warner Pacific — local residents John and David and John Nelson (brothers). Warner Pacific, an insurance brokerage, is located on the corner of Lakeview Canyon and Agoura Road — a property adjacent to the 6+ acres previously owned by HCA. Escrow has now closed on the property.

The property has been on the market for many years, but due to deed restrictions on the property preventing a hospital from returning, the value the owner (HCA) placed on the property (reportedly $8-10 million), combined with the significant limitations of the “public institutional” zoning the property falls under, deals kept falling through. This included two attempts by different developers for senior living facilities.

In recent years, and despite being fenced off, the property has become an increasing issue for neighbors as an “eye sore” but also a number of unsafe, inappropriate, and even reportedly illegal activities.

There are no announced plans for the use of the property, but the new owners state that they are cleaning it up and making it safer.

New Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem

It's the time of year for the city council to vote for a new mayor. As covered in earlier Westlake Revelations articles, only odd numbered years have elections for city council members -- alternating between two and three seats at election time. But once a year, the city council elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Tonight, each of these positions were selected.

LMVWD Elections: Renger, Peterson Re-elected; Steinhardt loses to Lewitt

Early this morning, the LVMWD elections result became available. In short,

Incumbent Lee Renger (60%) held his seat against challenger Michael Wilk (40%)
Incumbent Glen Peterson (60%) held his seat against challenger Hugh Wahler (40%)
Challenger Jay Lewitt (56%) defeated incumbent Barry Steinhardt (44%)

You can see additional details vote counts and more at:

WLV Council Member Klessig Announces plans to move to Santa Fe


Tonight, City of Westlake Village Council member Philippa Klessig announced that she, and her husband Karl, are putting their Westlake Village home on the market, and will be moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico to retire. A council person needs to live in the City, so when the house sells, and they move, she plans to step down. Until that time, however, Klessig says that she will continue actively as a council member.

Incident and Brown Act not on LVMWD agenda; Residents call for 3 Resignations


In their first board meeting since the construction incident, and the news of the Brown Act (open meeting law) violations, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District did not put either topic on the agenda to discuss at last night’s meeting. The president of Pacific Hydrotech, the District’s primary contractor for the tank, came to the meeting anyway to update the Board on what happened, and new safety regulations to put in place.

Three residents addressed the board, cited their take on the Board’s actions, history and track record to date — and each in their own way, called for the resignation of LVMWD Board members Charles Caspary, Lee Renger, and Glen Peterson.

In addition to LVMWD’s video archive of the meeting, available at — Resident comments begin at 19:24. Additionally, Agoura resident, Jan Gerstel, video recorded just the three public comments speakers. That video is available at

LA County District Attorney Finds 3 LVMWD Board Members Violated Brown Act


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Fraud and Corruption Prosecutions, Public Integrity Division, released a letter to the members of Las Virgenes Municipal Water District’s Board stating three board members (Directors Charles Caspary, Glen Peterson, and Lee Renger) violated the Brown Act at the January 14th 2014 meeting.

The DA came to this final determination after reviewing video of the meeting in question, and comparing the actions taken to the Brown Act which "requires, with limited exceptions, that all meetings of a legislative body of a local agency be open and public."

The original complaint to the District Attorney was made by another board member, Director Barry Steinhardt. The DA notified Steinhardt in August, explaining their findings and specifically stating that the DA’s office was also notifying all the other board members at the same time.

The Brown Act violation was in direct relation to the Board’s vote on the controversial Westlake Village water tank. Despite the violation, and discussion at the time that the Brown Act was being violated during the January 14th meeting, Directors Charles Caspary, Glen Peterson, and Lee Renger voted to approve the tank with Directors Barry Steinhardt and Len Polan opposing the project. A Brown Act violation renders a related vote invalid.

The District has released a statement that LVMWD's general counsel doesn’t agree with the District Attorney’s determination, and accuses Director Steinhardt of not informing the District of the DA’s findings.

[Update: LVMWD's general counsel is basing their comments on the summary minutes of the meeting. The DA based their conclusion on the actual meeting video.]

Westlake Village City Celebration Returns Sat Oct 18th


City of Westlake Village will hold it’s 12th annual “City Celebration” on Saturday October 18th, from 3-8pm at City Hall. “ Featuring exciting local performances, delicious food, a twilight run - the Goblin Gallop, magic show, electronic waste collection, and the popular White Oak Elementary Family Festival, the Westlake Village City Celebration truly offers something for residents of all ages and interests. The Village Trolley will be driving a special route to take residents to and from the celebration”

See full announcement from the City of Westlake Village including time tables, and links for more information below.

Total Lunar Eclipse tonight

In the middle of the night tonight (aka early Wednesday morning), there is a total lunar eclipse. According to Brian Webb at Launch-Alert mail list, "If the sky is clear, the entire event should be visible to the unaided eye from the West Coast. The particulars are as follows (all times are Pacific):

Partial Eclipse Begins 2:14 a.m.
Totality Begins 3:25 a.m.
Greatest Eclipse 3:55 a.m.
Totality Ends 4:24 a.m.
Partial Eclipse Ends 5:34 a.m.

City of Westlake Cultural Recreation Committee: Looking for Residents to Serve


If you are interested in serving on the City’s cultural recreation committee, you should apply by November 7th. See full announcement below for details.

Workers lose control of 40' pipe at LVMWD's Tank Project

This morning, workers at Las Virgenes Municipal Water District’s Westlake Village reservoir, above Three Springs, lost control of a 40 foot long, 36 inch diameter pipe on the upper access road along the reservoir’s edge. The pipe shifted and dislodged from a carrier truck (with many pipe segments loaded) while workers were removing a different segment of pipe. The dislodged pipe was not properly secured, fell off a truck, rolled down the embankment slope at speed, crossed the lower access road and just before it entered a resident’s property, hit a large oak tree.

Full 101 Freeway Closures this week


On Tue and Thurs nights this week, all southbound lanes of the 101 freeway will be closed from midnight to 5am. Full announcement from Caltrans below.

Cabrillo Music Theatre Update

As an update to the status of Cabrillo Music Theatre, this week, its board of directors announced that they have exceeded the "Emergency Fundraising Campaign" goal of $250,000, with over 855 donors who have contributed. The board had decided to move forward with the 2014/15 season when they reached 80% of the goal about a month ago.

How to See Real Time Crime Statistics


The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Malibu/Lost Hills Station would like residents to know about some of the crime fighting resources they have at hand. Once a day, information about local crimes is uploaded to the Sheriff's system and shared with

If you are interested in seeing more about what crimes are happening with the ability to focus on certain addresses or date ranges, is a resource you can use. See the full announcement from LA County Sheriff Dept below.

Cabrillo Music Theatre: Community Needs to Step Up, or it Closes


A couple of months ago, Cabrillo Music Theatre announced that it needed to change it's financial model to survive. To move forward, Cabrillo's board of directors decided that it needed to raise at least $200,000 of it's $250,000 goal by the end of July -- a week from now.

As of today, Cabrillo is $51,000 short of that goal.
If it doesn't get donations of that amount, the community should expect Cabrillo Music Theatre to close its doors.

If Cabrillo doesn't reach 80% of its fundraising goal, it will return all the donations.

Cabrillo Music Theatre is a tax deductible, non-profit. Those wanting to make donations, can do so at -- or mail donations to the Cabrillo Music Theatre office, 2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite B, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Ticket sales, also core to Cabrillo staying open, is also available, along with the new season's schedule at Cabrillo's web site. It's current production, Bye Bye Birdie, ends this weekend.

Eric Anhalt: New Principal at White Oak Elementary School


Las Virgenes Unified School District announced today that it has named Eric Anhalt as the new principal at White Oak Elementary School in Westlake Village. Mr. Anhalt has served as assistant principal at Lindero Canyon Middle School since 2012, and before that, he was Assistant Principal at Calabasas High School from 2007 to 2012.

Full Announcement

The following release comes from LVUSD...

Time Warner: Analog Signals Cease to work on June 17

For those in Westlake Village and surrounding areas using Time Warner, your service is going all-digital on June 17. If you have a cable box, or cable card, that attaches to your TV -- you should not need to do anything.